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What is SLA?

SLA is short for Service Level Agreement. These are the contractual agreements which take place between two parties – the client and the service provider. Within these agreements we Tservers4 Webhosting Solution and Clients have made an Online Agreements about the Server/Network Uptime to ensure our trust and Quality of services offered. We are ensured to deliver all the requirements mentioned in the SLA. This way, the client can ensure having the service they expected and signed up for. Our Service Level Agreement (SLA): Only the Following Plans offered by Tservers4 Web hosting Solution are covered under the SLA.

• Shared Hosting & WordPress Hosting (SSD/NVMe)

• Reseller Hosting (SSD/NVMe)

• Managed VPS Servers

99.9% Uptime Guarantee – Service Level Agreement

Tservers4 Hosting Solution offers a 99.9% Uptime Guarantee. That means your web server is guaranteed operational 99.9% of the time in any calendar month. Tservers4 Hosting Solution guarantee 99.9% service uptime allows for 45 minutes of unscheduled (HTTP) service outage per month as it may be from data center. Tservers4 Hosting Solution will not be held responsible for Service Outages resulting from operated equipment including, but not limited to, Internet NAP failures, upstream network outages or congestion and backbone failures. Additionally, tservers4 will not be held responsible for delays in the registration or transfer of a domain due to Inter NIC-related issues, unscheduled outages, web site specific outrages and outages resulting from malfunctioning customer scripts or applications that are installed by the customer, or for unusual traffic spikes or “denial of service” attacks on customer web sites. If the service/Network is down for More than 3 hours, You will be getting the Compensation of Maximum 1 Day Date Extension for your Active Service (Which is affected). We don’t offer compensation in Type of Cash/Money ! We offer Compensation as Date Extension on the Affected Service ! The maximum Compensation will be 1 day ONLY! Compensation will not be Offered for Following:

• IP Blocks by our Firewall due to Abuse cases Like Failed Logins/Attacks.

. Account Suspension

• Abuse Cases

• Website Mis-configuration

• PHP/Development Related Errors

• Browser Cache issues

• DNS Propagations & Other DNS Errors & Issues

Your Private Name server Issues

• Overdue Payments

• Service termination/suspension

• PHP Related Errors (404 Error , 500 Error )

• LVE Resource Exceeding (503 Error)

Compensation will be applied only if there is any issue only on Our Server/Network End!

As there are more Uptime monitor’s available for use so we won’t accept those reports if the client sent us their Website is Down As some monitors gives false results due to their monitor IP blocked in our Firewall due to Heavy Connections to our Server. We will be very strict on Following the compensation we will verify the down from our Monitors (Data Center too) Customers can open ticket to get their compensation Days Added to their Service Period.