Six common issues that make websites unproductive

Six common issues that make websites unproductive

In this short article, it is important to note that websites are more than just design. It takes many parts working together to make a website perform excellently i.e. (convert well) online and also become highly productive for the owner.

If one part is missing then to get good result will become difficult and eventually leads to frustration having spent much buying domain, hosting the domain and publishing the designed website.

It is very vital to note that after publishing your site, proper optimization is highly essential, this involves proper analyses of your keywords, contents, headings, meta-data, image sizing, web page loading enhancement and several other techniques.

Not all webmasters or designer/developer knows website optimization for search engine therefore it is a good practice to hand over your work to an expert that will perform proper SEO. There are many reasons websites do not convert well, but we are only going to focus on the six biggest ones.

By the way, conversion means that someone took action after visiting your website. Some examples of this are when a visitor buys something, place order, makes an appointment, or fills out a form that eventually leads to ROI.

Here are the summary of the six vital issues that needs to be addressed.

  1. Content. There is a lack of focused, quality written content on the website. The content that is there is not written with the target market in mind or specific goal in place.
  2. Direction. The website itself is not engaging. There is little direction, the website does not encourage its visitors to take action. There is no reason for a visitor to stay on the website.
  3. Focus. The website does not contain a focused keyword strategy. This means that Google has to guess what your site is about.
  4. Usability. The layout on the website and its pages do not provide a good user experience. For example, the website may not look good on mobile devices therefore not mobile friendly.
  5. Performance. The website may load too slow. Or, the website may have missing images, broken links or parts of the site just do not work.
  6. Promotion. There is no online strategy in place to drive traffic to the website. There is no social media, email marketing, digital marketing or other traffic generating plan in play.

When any one (or more) of these areas is missing out on your website then your website will leak visitors faster than you can attract them! And, when website visitors flee before taking action, you lose in more ways than one can imagine and leads to unproductive website.

The first step to stop any loophole on your website; is to understand that just like the human body, websites are holistic. a website and its web presence are inseparably interconnected. From keyword strategy to social media to site security and everything between, each part affects the other. All parts working in concert with each other make for a productive or non productive web presence. The kinds of changes Google has been making to its search algorithm (based on its mission) over the past few years reinforces this fact.

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