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Why You Should Use WordPress For Site/Blogs?

Why You Should Use WordPress For Site/Blogs?

Faith / September 13, 2018

According to February 2018 reports, WordPress Powers 30% of the websites in the world and this is a huge number. WordPress was started a blogging platform and now it’s competing to be the best CMS out there. As a blogger if you have been looking for the right blogging platform for yourself; I would recommend WordPress. This is the same blogging platform I and many other professional bloggers are using. You can have a WordPress powered blog in less than 10 minutes

Reason Why WordPress is my choice of Blogging platform:

1. WordPress support

When I started blogging on WordPress, I was a newbie and needed lots of support. WordPress support forum comes out to be the easiest way to get all the support I needed. Moreover, lots of users are on WordPress platform and a simple google search will help y0u to find the WordPress answers you are looking for.

2. So many Free WordPress Themes and plugins

Whenever we start a new blog, one of the prime concern is design of the blog. There are three ways to go about it:

  • Hire a WordPress theme designer
  • Buy a Premium Theme
  • Download free WordPress theme

Ideally, most of us will go for free or paid one & I personally vouch for paid once, because of support.  There are hundreds of theme marketplace for WordPress, from where you can download any WordPress themes. Whereas for BlogSpot, it’s limited. Moreover, using Freelance Websites, you can easily find many designers and developers, who would love to redesign your theme at the cheap price.

3. WordPress as a static Website

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If you are planning to create a static website, you can always trust WordPress as it is periodically updated and gives better and improved results. Having your static website with WordPress will help you in better SEO and ranking in search engine.

In the last couple of months, many of my clients who shifted from static HTML Websites to WordPress have seen a great improvement in search engine raking. There is no rocket science in it, as WordPress plugins helps a lot to optimize your on site SEO, and, dashboard makes it easier to make changes and update thing for non-techie people. Moreover, WordPress offers easy ways to integrate social media on your site and there is no second thought that in coming years, Social media is going to change the SEO industry.

Tip: Doesn’t matter what platform you use, make sure you take the advantage of Google+, Delicious, Digg, FB and Twitter to make your blog more social.

4. WordPress is SEO friendly

SEO is the last thing you will be worried about because by default WordPress is more SEO friendly than BlogSpot and other Blogging platform. Though you can use best recommended WordPress SEO plugin to enhance your WordPress blog SEO.

5. Trust and respect

To become a successful blogger, you need to gain trust and respect of a wider range of audience. Blogspot being a free blogging platform is used by a lots of spammers to create back links. Therefore, people tend to avoid Blogspot blogs. If you have a Self hosted blog (in this case it is WordPress), not only will you be considered as a serious blogger but it is more likely that people will have a firm belief in the reliability of information you share.

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6. Monetization

Once you have the required trust and respect, you can easily contact private advertisers and increase your potential to make money. Many advertising networks, doesn’t entertain Bloggers from BlogSpot or many such sub-domain hosted site. Moreover, many ad networks like Google AdSense, PropellerAds have launched Dedicated plugins for WordPress blog.

7. Easy To Manage

With wordpress, you can easily manage your website on the go even with your tabs, android or iphone, you can change contents, post new articles, easily edit or update existing contents. add images and easily publish your site information in a matter of seconds. It is so interesting to know that wordpress have the largest community of experts across the globe.

Also you get free plugins to customize your blog site and enhance functionality you site provides.


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