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Running a business without a website, is it good or not?

benefits of website to any business

Running a business without a website, is it good or not?

Faith / February 8, 2019

Even if you have a very small business and your products or services are not sold online, it would probably be beneficial to your business to have a website. This doesn’t mean that you need to put all your products or services online. It just means that some sort of a web presence is good for business.

The question is “Can I Run A Successful Business And Not Have A Website?” Maybe yes or no. It’s obvious that you can run a business without a website which some companies still do that. But investing in a well-designed, well-thought out website can definitely help to make your business more successful, better and increase your leads.

Having a professional-looking web presence on the Internet is good for your existing customers, potential customers, employees and partners. A smart looking website will allow all visitors to know more about your business and more about your products or services. Basic elements of a professional website include:

  • Name of the business and a logo so visitors know that they have reached your company
  • Attractive look and feel that represents your business and is appealing to your customers
  • Logical navigation so visitors can find what they are looking for
  • Good content that is informational and easy to read
  • Contact information including phone, address and email

Adding the store hours and a basic map will help the visitor who wishes to work with you in-person or the visitor who is “in the neighborhood” but can’t find the scrap of paper with your address on it. Also, another reason a successful business needs a website … mobile capability. If your website is set up to be mobile friendly (or even if it isn’t) you will have a better chance of capturing the attention of mobile customers.

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So whether a quality website helps you make a good first impression with a new visitor or makes it easier for existing visitors to do business with you, it is probably obvious that having an effective web presence can only make your business MORE successful, credible, transparent and visible to potential customers always.

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