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How to Install Lets encrypt SSL in cPanel

How to Install Lets encrypt SSL in cPanel

Faith / August 22, 2018


In this tutorial we will install Let’s Encrypt SSL into our website while using cPanel, this will make our website safer and it will be accessible with https://.

However, if you are serious about your website protection and don’t want to spend an arm and a leg on bullet-proof SSL certificate, then take advantage of our free cPanel enabled SSL certificate offered by Let’s Encrypt. But note that this type of SSL is domain validated (DV) but for a low budget kickoff and business startup, it is highly secured with SHA-256 & SHA1 Fingerprint connection encryption making your webpage encrypted before being transmitted over the internet. Also preventing unathourised people to view information traveling between computers, from your website page to your host server and vice versa.


Step 1 — Accessing cPanel

First of all, you should go to your website cPanel, you can reach it by going to http://yourdomain.com:2082 or http://yourdomain.com/cpanel/

Step 2 — Locating Let’s Encrypt SSL

You have successfully entered your cPanel, now you should locate Security section and click on Let’s Encrypt SSL icon.
However, if you cannot find Let’s Encrypt SSL, please contact your hosting provider and they will gladly assist you.

Let's Encrypt SSL

Step 3 — Selecting SSL for Domain

Once you have entered Let’s Encrypt SSL you should check the section Issue a new certificate and tick the boxes near your domain name. After you have done that, please click on “Issue Multiple”.

Let's Encrypt SSL

After you have done that, you should tick the box on Primary near the domain without www and tick the box near text Install mail .. SSL certificate for yourdomain.com.

  • If you tick the box near Install mail.., then it will grant the ability to use SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) when transmitting data between mail clients and servers. In other words, this will keep your sent and received mail secure.
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To proceed, you should press Issue.


Step 4 — Installing SSL Certificate

SSL certificate is now installed onto the domain "yourdomain.com" using
the IP address. Apache is restarting in the background.
– this message should appear on your screen if everything was correct, after few seconds you will be able to use your website with SSL.
If you get an error message instead, simply ask for the assistance of your hosting provider.



Congratulations, you have successfully installed Let’s Encrypt SSL certificate, you should be able to access your website with https:// now, this makes your website a safer place!

You should be able to see Green Padlock before your domain name on the browser like the image above.

When this is done, your website is fully secured with SSL certificate.


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