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Get a free website now


Get a free website now

Faith / May 10, 2019

We are pleased to offer this juicy opportunity as a special promo to individuals or organization/institutions, to become a placeholder in the global village where renowned, reputable and credible institutions like yours have been thriving and making global impact and presence ever since inception of web. You become visible through Google & Bing search engine online thereby attracting more leads, more awareness about what you do and thereby creating business success the cheapest way.

Our company decided to offer hundreds of institution a FREE WEBSITE DESIGN SERVICE with amazing features inclusive; as a way of encouraging web presence and also support global visibility beyond local terrains for any aspiring organization who desires to be one among millions of website owners & users in this modern world of information technology.

We are waiving not less than 40,000 naira and above as our normal professional charges for website design this season. What is required of any interest organisation is just to pay for web space and bandwidth along with the domain name registration process, then the rest is at zero cost to you meaning you are saving not less than N40,000 equivalent of $105 on templates & themes, designs, plugins, site SSL security, Google SEO, social media integration with photos & graphics as essential elements to kick start and build a stunning website etc, however with this great offer that will be available for a limited time, you stand a chance of having a website in less than 48hrs.

Money is not everything in life but most importantly what people benefit from us and the numerous lives that has been affected positively overtime through our services, thereby putting smile on their faces and bringing hope to their world.

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Requirements to partake in this offer are:

  1. Your choice domain name e.g. www.mycompany.com
  2. Your personal/business logo image beatifully designed.
  3. Your full business information and profile with portfolio
  4. Your top management staff details with e-mails and phones.
  5. Your services and past or current events for public awareness
  6. Photography of your organization premises and facilities
  7. Any other information i.e gallery pictures etc

The information’s highlighted above will be needed for us to develop a beautiful and scalable website for your organization at zero cost to you. It is first come, first served basis, everything is free for a limited time. Pay less for more value.

Benefits to your organization:
• Improve Business Credibility.
• Build Your Business global presence.
• Enhance Your Online Presence.
• Build a Strong Relationship with Your Market.
• Efficient Way to Promote Your Business.
• Boost Your Reputation as an Authority.
• Create a Tool for Sales Generation and to showcase Your Work.


Your Web Hosting Space with Bandwidth @N6,000/yr
Domain Name Registration for your organization e.g .COM, .ORG @5,500/yr
Account Setup Fees @1,500 one time


This total N13,000 only must be paid to partake in this offer while our professional site design works with includes technical, content management, designs, coding, graphics, security of the site (SSL), photographs of the institution’s facilities and amenities, Google submission for visibility on the web, Search engine optimization with sitemaps, digital marketing with e-mailing and social media etc will be rendered to your company totally free of charge. You save not less than N40,000 on all of these. We shall also assist your company in site administration & maintenance for the first 3 months of going live on the internet.

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To subscribe to this offer. Follow this link Here or copy and paste the link below on your browser. https://paystack.com/pay/8416ri3ux-

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